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Flash back to the early sixties when the Mad Men execs went out for a classy Martini Lunch accompanied by the sounds of Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and company. Besides providing cool backgrounds or hot swing, Martini Lunch also puts their signature spin on soul, blues, and pop tunes that fit that classic vibe. 

Martini Lunch can be augmented to fit the needs of the occasion and client, adding saxophone and/or guitar. Past clients include: The City of Chicago, Pepsi, Elmhurst Art Museum, Navy Pier Entertainment, Quaker Oats, Cog Hill C.C., Sears, Corporate Productions, DuPage Pads Charity, and many, many more, plus numerous wedding receptions and private parties/special events, as well as shows for colleges, park districts, and night clubs. 

From cool backgrounds to hot swing and beyond, Martini Lunch plays the field of musical dreams.



Booking Options


Vocals provided with all options, or just all instrumental

Trio – Upright bass, keyboard, drums

Quartet – bass, keyboard, drums, and guitar

Quartet – bass, keyboard, drums, and sax

Quintet – bass, keyboard, drums, sax, guitar

(Duo of bass and keyboard also possible in some situations)

Band plus DJ option:

Why spend big money on a DJ after the cool and classy live band plays? We’ve often played a favorite dance mix -- as created by the client -- through our high end PA* for a dance club set or two. After all, what’s a DJ ? – just a guy with a great PA, and we’ve got that! Make your own mix and we’ll power your party!

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